Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabulous Fashion in " Tron Legacy " the movie

Went to see the latest installment of TRON "Legacy" the movie.  I was stirred to declare a number of scenes in the movie " fashion moments" and quite fabulous from a costume design perspective.  This version soars above the original in special effects; dazzling the mind with a bombardment of high tech imagery.  The fact that I got to see the whole thing in 3D was icing on this futuristic cake.

The clothes remind me of the minimalistic, edgier costumes seen in movies like Gattaca,  The Fifth Element, Blade Runner and The Matrix

So make sure you go and see this movie; it is well worth it.  I hope the costume designer wins the Academy award next year. I also wouldn't be surprised if designer inspired " TRON" looks started showing up next season on the fashion runways; WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.

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  1. hi
    tron legacy
    where can i get the outfit jeff bridges wears when they first go to his abode after the girl saves his son

    it was all white i really want one o those chill out outfits