Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas shopping deals...get in on the action!

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Happy Holidays!!!! Well, it's that magical time of year again when mass crowds of people flood into the shopping centers, retail stores and online websites to play Santa Clause to all those they hold near and dear; much to the delight of retailers everywhere. Want in on the action my savvy designers?  I don't blame you!  Here are a few tips:

The Holidays represent the largest selling season of the year for the fashion business.  If you are thinking of launching your clothing line, go for a fall season premiere instead of spring; you will stand a greater chance of success with retailers expecting major traffic and posting their highest sales records of the year during the last quarter.  They will need a lot of merchandise to sell and will be more willing to look at new lines to help fill their shelves. 

Headed to the crowded malls to shop?  Why not print up your own Holiday deal cards to pass out...aka, brightly colored sizzle cards with your holiday deals, website, or special discounts you can offer to many shoppers who are looking for special, one of a kind gifts for their loved ones.  Simply lay the colorful cards around as you go through the mall and watch people snatch them up right on the spot!  Becareful of mall security though....some shopping centers consider that soliciting.  Hey, if it works, you will get tons of eager shoppers going to your website looking for deals!  Can you say ca-$hing!

That brings me to my last tip.  Online sales during the Christmas and Holiday selling season have soared in recent years.  If you are just starting out, don't have alot of inventory but still want to make money during the holidays, try using this FREE TIP; use freelance artist websites like to list your wares and sell them one at a time.  Once your items are listed, now post comments and links everywhere online in chat rooms, bulletin boards, blogs and even offline (see the last tip above) to promote your items and direct shoppers to your item(s) for sale.  In conclusion, you will have to think outside the box if you want to make it as a successful designer in the fashion business.  Hope these tips help my fashionista devotees....ho, ho, ho...Merrry Christmas!

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