Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion designer Lance Gordon launches his fashion blog

I would like to first introduce myself to my future readers and speak briefly about my background. I am fashion designer Lance Gordon, I own a private label design firm founded back in early 2008. I started my business to address a huge demand that exists in helping the emerging designer entrepreneurs to get started in the fashion business. Since then, I have worked with a wide variety of clients, from emerging fashion designers looking to break into the high fashion world, to start up clothing companies looking to build a new brand, to established manufacturers looking to revamp their existing lines. visit portfolio page:

My team and I consist of; a top notch pattern maker, with 20 years of knowledge under her belt, an expert tailor, who headed up her own 600 station factory in Vietnam and a team of very skilled Asian sample makers. Together, we offer a variety of services and custom packages that suit most every need and budget. Our START UP PACKAGES essentially combines all the needed steps from CONCEPT THROUGH PRODUCTION needed to professionally launch an apparel line into the marketplace. If our clients needs are more specific, they can also choose from our menu of services: concept sketches, illustration, technical drawings, pattern making, creating sample garments, grading, sourcing fabric and trims, locating and selecting mass production(domestic and international) and sales representation. For more information, email


I recently became aware of a deep need in the fashion community. I have heard just about every rumor out there, crazy myth and bad advice on how to get started in the fashion industry. I realized after taking countless phone calls from emerging designers and upstart clothing labels asking for advice on " HOW TO, WHAT DO I DO, WHERE DO I GO, DO YOU KNOW WHO I CAN TALK TO" kind of questions, that there are a lot of people who need practical advice on how to break into the fashion industry.

Well, I decided to start this blog, affectionately titled "HOW TO START A CLOTHING LINE AND LAUNCH YOUR FASHION EMPIRE". In it I will discuss and present smart shortcuts that will not only save you precious time and money, but educate you on how the fashion business works, what to look for, how to avoid pitfalls, how to market yourself, find financing(YES, it is out there), how to prepare and get buyers to look at your line and finally, how to grow your fashion business. I will be sharing my contacts and resources for sourcing fabrics, sewing production and other domestic and international resources. I have acquired many contacts over the past 15 years in the fashion business AND now I will share it all FOR FREE, YES FREE.

If you ever wanted to know the HOW TO, GO SEE, WHERE IS, WHO DOES and NOW WHAT DO I DO, join my FREE NEWSLETTER and I and my team will share all our fashion advice and answer your questions. I will have a forum where you can post topics, ask questions and start discussions on any desired topic. I believe you will find this blog invaluable, plus find the answers you need to launch, expand and succeed in the fashion design industry.

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